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The Accociation

Follow the links on the right side. There you can get detailed information about our association.

In addition, we would like to point out:

At the Annual General Meeting 2013 it was decided unanimously after lengthy internal debate following content for self-understanding and the remit of the organization:

The Association is open to all individuals and institutions who wish to support the charitable cause of protecting the Camel.

The association researched and published knowledge about the health of the Camel. The animal husbandry and the health of the kind can to be improved through dissemination of knowledge.

The control of the quality of animal husbandry of individual members and possible sanctions are not the subject of the association's work. ... "

Even if the association offers the possibility of individual animals to register their cover data and its foal births, we are not a breeding association. This means that the club will not issue breeding approvals and will not judge the quality of the animals.

The registry should provide the ability to create a pedigree and proof of age for each individual animal for the first time.